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American Music Club - Love Songs For Patriots

Image of American Music Club - Love Songs For Patriots

American Music Club reformed in 2003 to considerable critical acclaim, and recorded Love Songs for Patriots in San Francisco in spare time between day jobs and other commitments. The album's songs were all written by Mark Eitzel and many had been performed live by him in solo performances before the band's reformation.

Track listing

"Ladies and Gentlemen" – 3:18
"Another Morning" – 3:21
"Patriot's Heart" – 6:01
"Love Is" – 4:27
"Job to Do" – 5:04
"Only Love Can Set You Free" – 5:55
"Mantovani the Mind Reader" – 4:05
"Home" – 4:27
"Myopic Books" – 3:31
"America Loves the Minstrel Show" – 4:21
"The Horseshoe Wreath in Bloom" – 4:40
"Song of the Rats Leaving the Sinking Ship" – 4:21
"The Devil Needs You" – 7:37